Update on La Cristiano Iglesia De Faro, The Christian Lighthouse Church in Canas Verdes, Panama

Below is an update from Bob Wilson regarding progress on la Cristiano Iglesia de Faro in Canas Verdes, Panama. The Christian Lighthouse Church.

We should be proud of Beacon of Hope’s help in bringing the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the indigent Gnobe Indians; young and old. For more information search Bob Wilson Alto Boquete.


Thought I would give you a little update on where we are at. We are 98% complete with the expansion project at Canas Verdes. Things have slowed to a crawl as we have entered the final approval process. We are now waiting for the Fire Department to inspect the building for safety, then The city will give us a final approval.

The next step is to submit to the Ministry of Education (MEDUCA) our curriculum, procedures, foundation info, staff ID’s/credentials and all of the final approvals. All of this paperwork is ready, just waiting for the approvals. Once we submit, MEDUCA will visit the site for it’s own inspection. We have already met with head of that department and God has given us much favor with her. She wants to visit personally. Once she visits and signs off, all of the documents will be sent to the President of Panama for his approval.

After all this is complete we will request the power company to come and do their inspection regarding the possibility of bring electrical to the site. As I have explained in past updates, we have spent a portion of your donation to prepare the building for electrical power. The balance we are holding is $2,198.19. The power company is yet to give us a proposal for the work. We are praying for a miracle and an answer of no charge.

Classes are underway and we are moving forward with the completion of the kitchen. Funds for construction are always a challenge, but God has never failed us yet. Please keep us in your prayers as we move forward. This outreach is changing families lives, I know it has changed mine.

Pastor Bob Wilson 


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