Rocking for Jesus in India

The colleges in India are often privately owned and more like gated communities than our open college campuses here in the states. If the administrators or owners don’t want you there, the guards stop you at the gate. On my last trip to India, I got to see God fling one of those gates wide open. Vinayaka University is a large, privately owned campus in Salem India named after Ganesh, the elephant headed Hindu god. Vinayaka is one of his nicknames and means “Lord of hosts”. As we drove into Salem, a week long Celebration of Ganesh (not that different from marti gras) was just getting underway. People were trucking large plaster statues of Ganesh into the city to worship, with the hopes that their sins for the year would be erased. It just so happened that the long-time Bursar of Vinayaka U. was a believer. Because of his influence and because of the novelty of being an American rock band, we were granted access to the campus. So while the city outside was reveling in a massive party, worshiping the false god Ganesh, we were inside the campus’ best auditorium playing a concert and sharing about the one true God. 300+ Hindu students heard the gospel and had the chance to start a relationship with Jesus that would change the rest of their lives. That is just one story. But God has done so much more over the years we have gone to India. Tomorrow I will be headed to India with the band “Stone.” We have a massive 4 1/2 week tour planned that will take us from coast to coast in southern India. It is truly a sacrifice to leave my family for that long, but we know what God can do, and we think it is worth it. We’ve created a prayer calendar so that you can pray along with Stone as we travel through our tour. Or you can pray along with the schedule at the bottom of this email. Click the link to access from google drive. I know some of you are excited to give to help cover the cost of this trip. I’ll send out a letter about giving towards this and other trips at the end of the year.                                                                                                                                                                                 Here are some thoughts about how you can pray specifically for our family while I’m away.                                                   • For Laura as she takes care of Vivian, Ezra, and Silas and keeps the house running without me.                                         • For me, that I got everything done before I left and took everything with me that I need.                                                     • We are bringing some gear from the states and some will be provided there. Pray it all works!                                           • For God to fling gates open and bring scores of Indian college students to Himself while we’re there.

29: Depart US   30: Arrive Cochin


 1-3:  Music Ministry Training Seminars in Cochin

4:  Fly to  Mumbai , d rive  3 hours to  Pune ; Concert

5:  Concert (PM)

6: 2  Concerts  ( AM and PM )


7: Rest


8: Drive to  Mumbai ; Fly to Cochin (AM);  Concert  in Cochin (PM)

9:  Concert in  Cochin

10:  Public concert in Cochin

11:  Public concert in Cochin

12:  Concert  in Cochin , then tr avel to Trivandrum (6 hours via train)

13: 2  Concerts (AM & PM)

14:  Concert in T rivandrum (tentative)

15: Travel to Coimbatore via train (6 hours)


16 : Rest (no concerts)


17:  Karunya  University – Training Seminar

18 : Training Seminars and Concert

19: Travel to Vellore

20:  Concert at Christian Medical College

21: Travel to Chennai

22 : Music Ministry training seminars

23: Music Ministry training seminars

24: Training Seminar (AM) and Concert (PM)

25:  Concert in Chennai

26:  Concert at Hindustan University

27: Concert at KCC (tentative)


28: Rest


29: Depart Chennai