New life is beginning all around us. The air is softer and the light stays longer. And so it is with our God. Life is new every morning and His light can pierce the darkness. Hallelujah!

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Laughter can also keep the darkness at bay and we certainly had a lot of fun at The First Annual Founders Dinner/talent show!

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There were 42 people who signed the Statement of Faith and became the Beacon of Hope founding members. May God work us to double that number by the 2nd annual dinner.

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Maundy Thursday we met at the Focus Campus for an instructional and meaningful Seder Passover Meal. Tracing the food elements from the Old Testament and seeing the foreshadowing of Jesus in this most Sacred Ritual.

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Good Friday and Easter Sunday brought us together for our first Holy Week Celebration as members of a congregation dedicated to each other and worshiping God. I personally felt it was the best Good Friday service I have ever experienced in my 71 years. We are indebted to Pastor Don.

We have had so many serious afflictions and adversities come against our members and families just this month, that we have been tested to uphold one another and pray without ceasing. It has been heartwarming to see and feel the love in action and know that we are indeed brothers and sisters in Christ. And God is answering. His promises are steadfast.

By Marcia Draper