Luke Bradley will be home tonight!!! Praise God!!!

We just received the most wonderful news…Luke is going home tonight and it will be the first time since May that he will be in his own bed! 
Eleven year old,Luke (grandson of Pastor Don) has had leukemia and bacterial meningitis and has been hospitalized since May. He has been through many trials but God has heard your prayers. He has several more “medium” doses of chemo and will be going to Dana Farber for them in the next few weeks. Then he will go on maintenance for about a year and a half more. He will have out patient PT closer to home. But he is God’s miracle!

Please continue to pray for his transition home. You have all been amazing in your faithfulness in ringing the bell for him, his parents and brothers and Pastor Don and Gayle. Let’s pray that 1) Luke will continue gaining strength and will again be able to tolerate the chemo without any complications. 2) God will bring the family strength and rest in the days ahead and they will have His peace that passes all understanding as they enjoy being together once again as a family!

Once again thank you for your unceasing prayer!