Sunday October 25th was recognition day for all first responders. We invited Police Officers and Firefighters from all 6 towns. We also invited EMT’s, US Coast Guard, State Police, and the 911 Communications Center operators.

IMG_4376Our Pastor wrote a song that was sung and played by him with backup from the worship team. This recognition was very important to Beacon of Hope as we want to foster respect and commitment to stand with them in times of trouble which we all know is coming. These men and women make great sacrifices in their personal lives to be available to assist in any tragedy day or night. They are on the front lines of human failure and nature gone wild. And having received their help on several occasions I can testify to their professionalism and caring. As a society we seem to take them for granted without much thought until we are in need. Beacon of Hope has made a covenant to pray for these men and women and to uphold them in their times of trouble. There was a grand buffet after the service where Certificates of Appreciation were given. It was an uplifting experience that will be repeated annually.

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