Interview with Pastor Bob Wilson of The Light House Christian Church of Canas Verdes, Panama.

(Below) Radio Interview with Pastor Bob Wilson of The Light House Christian Church of Canas Verdes, Panama. (mp3) Interview Indian Mission Work Panama with Pastor Bob  Wilson You can also find more information on Facebook: Pastor Bob Wilson  

Update on La Cristiano Iglesia De Faro, The Christian Lighthouse Church in Canas Verdes, Panama

Below is an update from Bob Wilson regarding progress on la Cristiano Iglesia de Faro in Canas Verdes, Panama. The Christian Lighthouse Church. We should be proud of Beacon of Hope’s help in bringing the Gospel of Jesus… Read More

“The Irby Blurb” February 2016

“The Irby Blurb” January 2016

“The Irby Blurb” November 2015

“The Irby Blurb” October 2015

“The Irby Blurb” September 2015

“The Irby Blurb” August 2015

Rocking for Jesus in India

The colleges in India are often privately owned and more like gated communities than our open college campuses here in the states. If the administrators or owners don’t want you there, the guards stop you at the gate…. Read More

Pastor Bill Devlin Sings the Books of the Bible!

Missionary Bill Devlin

Pastor Bill Devlin, known as “PB”, is a husband of 35 years to Nancy, father of five children & three grandchildren who love God-an international humanitarian traveling to the hardest and most dangerous places of the world and… Read More