Luke Bradley will be home tonight!!! Praise God!!!

We just received the most wonderful news…Luke is going home tonight and it will be the first time since May that he will be in his own bed! 
Eleven year old,Luke (grandson of Pastor Don) has had leukemia and bacterial meningitis and has been hospitalized since May. He has been through many trials but God has heard your prayers. He has several more “medium” doses of chemo and will be going to Dana Farber for them in the next few weeks. Then he will go on maintenance for about a year and a half more. He will have out patient PT closer to home. But he is God’s miracle!

Please continue to pray for his transition home. You have all been amazing in your faithfulness in ringing the bell for him, his parents and brothers and Pastor Don and Gayle. Let’s pray that 1) Luke will continue gaining strength and will again be able to tolerate the chemo without any complications. 2) God will bring the family strength and rest in the days ahead and they will have His peace that passes all understanding as they enjoy being together once again as a family!

Once again thank you for your unceasing prayer!


Sunday October 25th was recognition day for all first responders. We invited Police Officers and Firefighters from all 6 towns. We also invited EMT’s, US Coast Guard, State Police, and the 911 Communications Center operators.

IMG_4376Our Pastor wrote a song that was sung and played by him with backup from the worship team. This recognition was very important to Beacon of Hope as we want to foster respect and commitment to stand with them in times of trouble which we all know is coming. These men and women make great sacrifices in their personal lives to be available to assist in any tragedy day or night. They are on the front lines of human failure and nature gone wild. And having received their help on several occasions I can testify to their professionalism and caring. As a society we seem to take them for granted without much thought until we are in need. Beacon of Hope has made a covenant to pray for these men and women and to uphold them in their times of trouble. There was a grand buffet after the service where Certificates of Appreciation were given. It was an uplifting experience that will be repeated annually.

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June is bustin’ out all over! Well it is finally green anyway although a bit chilly.

We had a memorable MEMORIAL DAY.



Pastor’s family was visiting and what a good looking bunch of women he has. It has to make up for the all boy grandson team!




Pastor Don and the worship team preformed Aaron Tippin’s “Where The Stars And Stripes And The Eagle Fly”. A slide show depicted the words with lots of patriotic enthusiasm. Seems the world has been steering us away from patriotism for many years and I find it a rousing joy to wave and salute the Flag.


Brenda and Derek kicked off the FIRST SUMMER PARTY on a perfect day.


IMG_0708  IMG_0709 IMG_0696  IMG_0699 IMG_0710 IMG_0694   THE GUESTS

















Look at the size of that spatula!




























I was in Colorado but I understand that Pastor Don laid out goals and projects for the future. He also spoke about what we, as the body of Christ, have achieved in the past year with Gods blessings. There was an opportunity for people who have decided to become members of Beacon of Hope to sign the Statement of Faith and put their‘John Hancock’ on the historic record. The J’s have it! John Casey, Joyce Cornwell, Jeff Wooden, Janice Wooden and one anonymous J whom we are all enjoying visiting with. Welcome brothers and sisters.

IMG_2971 IMG_2968




The kids certainly enjoy ‘Aunt Louise’ giving the CHILDRENS MESSAGE in the many voices she uses. Imagine Noah speaking with Bart Simpsons voice! Gotta love her.




July is looking busy. Full tilt MV summer. Click on the activities column and stay connected for more fun things to join in.  As I say every month, we love to fellowship and eat and sing as we gather in His name.

By Marcia Draper





New life is beginning all around us. The air is softer and the light stays longer. And so it is with our God. Life is new every morning and His light can pierce the darkness. Hallelujah!

Screen Shot 2015-05-16 at 7.52.02 PM

Laughter can also keep the darkness at bay and we certainly had a lot of fun at The First Annual Founders Dinner/talent show!

Screen Shot 2015-05-16 at 7.52.17 PM

There were 42 people who signed the Statement of Faith and became the Beacon of Hope founding members. May God work us to double that number by the 2nd annual dinner.

Screen Shot 2015-05-16 at 7.52.31 PM

Maundy Thursday we met at the Focus Campus for an instructional and meaningful Seder Passover Meal. Tracing the food elements from the Old Testament and seeing the foreshadowing of Jesus in this most Sacred Ritual.

Screen Shot 2015-05-16 at 7.57.06 PM

Good Friday and Easter Sunday brought us together for our first Holy Week Celebration as members of a congregation dedicated to each other and worshiping God. I personally felt it was the best Good Friday service I have ever experienced in my 71 years. We are indebted to Pastor Don.

We have had so many serious afflictions and adversities come against our members and families just this month, that we have been tested to uphold one another and pray without ceasing. It has been heartwarming to see and feel the love in action and know that we are indeed brothers and sisters in Christ. And God is answering. His promises are steadfast.

By Marcia Draper


As we head into April and say goodbye to the snow piles we are all ready to enjoy spring.   It IS coming!


Beacon of Hope Church was started at the American Legion Hall in June 2014 with almost 20 people. We were all so happy to be worshiping God together again. Now we meet at Edgartown School and average almost 50 people. God is faithful.

It is exciting to see our Sunday School growing. Being an assistant to the teacher gives everyone a chance to get to know our young people. In this way they can be assured that all through their lives with us  the whole congregation can offer support, guidance and love.


The Pastor and his wife Gayle threw a Christmas bash that was well attended. The food was delicious and the fellowship jolly.

We do like to get together to eat and have fun but we are earnest prayer warriors and this winter we actually saw a miracle. One of our own, Peter Vincent, was near death and we all were on our knees for days. By God’s grace Peter is with us still and working hard to be whole again. Hallelujah!

Our worship team is doing an outstanding job of leading our praise and adoration songs. With Trevor at the helm of the soundboard the sweet sound we offer up to God must surely please Him.

This week is the most Holy week in Christendom. March 29, we had our first annual Founders Dinner and talent show at the Focus Campus. We will be  welcoming new members and having a lot of fun and laughter.

Maundy Thursday we will again be at Focus for a traditional Jewish Seder meal.

As we gather together on Good Friday and  Easter Sunday we are reminded of the hard way Jesus died and how he ‘took the fall’ so His followers could have life eternal him.  Amen.

By Marcia Draper