As we head into April and say goodbye to the snow piles we are all ready to enjoy spring.   It IS coming!


Beacon of Hope Church was started at the American Legion Hall in June 2014 with almost 20 people. We were all so happy to be worshiping God together again. Now we meet at Edgartown School and average almost 50 people. God is faithful.

It is exciting to see our Sunday School growing. Being an assistant to the teacher gives everyone a chance to get to know our young people. In this way they can be assured that all through their lives with us  the whole congregation can offer support, guidance and love.


The Pastor and his wife Gayle threw a Christmas bash that was well attended. The food was delicious and the fellowship jolly.

We do like to get together to eat and have fun but we are earnest prayer warriors and this winter we actually saw a miracle. One of our own, Peter Vincent, was near death and we all were on our knees for days. By God’s grace Peter is with us still and working hard to be whole again. Hallelujah!

Our worship team is doing an outstanding job of leading our praise and adoration songs. With Trevor at the helm of the soundboard the sweet sound we offer up to God must surely please Him.

This week is the most Holy week in Christendom. March 29, we had our first annual Founders Dinner and talent show at the Focus Campus. We will be  welcoming new members and having a lot of fun and laughter.

Maundy Thursday we will again be at Focus for a traditional Jewish Seder meal.

As we gather together on Good Friday and  Easter Sunday we are reminded of the hard way Jesus died and how he ‘took the fall’ so His followers could have life eternal him.  Amen.

By Marcia Draper